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Blue & White & Everything Nice!

Hello from my very first blog post!!! My name is Laura Ann and I am the owner of Mulberry Cottage Events. I love everything about events. The music, flowers, decor...I could go on for hours! The feeling you get when you walk into an amazing event just can't be described.

This Summer has been so busy and crazy in our household. I have to remind myself to take some time to relax! And with the heat steadily climbing up this past week, it is nice to take a look at this brunch setup from a few weeks ago when the weather was oh-so-perfect!

If you know me, you know my infatuation with blue and white. It is all over my house. It's the background on my lock screen. It's even my stationary. It probably doesn't help that I have lived in Colonial Williamsburg all of my life!

So when I had the idea to have a Summer brunch, naturally I chose this color palette! Nothing screams Summer more than this color combination.

Some may look at any tablescape and become completely overwhelmed with the thought of putting it all together. May I recommend something? Just wing it! Everything on this table is something that I already had in my house!

You may see a table set-up on Pinterest or other social media platforms and try to recreate it. Do not do that! Those sites are for inspiration! Make it your own. What is the fun of recreating something when you could create an original with your stamp on it?!

I hope this has sparked something inside you to have a dinner party soon! Or to even not be so scared of some of those unattainable images we all see and die over on social media!

Talk to y'all soon!


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